Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another catch-up

Well it's been a while so settle in for a nice long read! :)

We had a great time in Mississippi. It was so nice to see everyone again, because we never know how long it will be between trips. Bailey did ok. She did pretty well in the car on the 8 hr drive, but was a little clingy to mommy and daddy. Pappaw was stuck in the hospital so we spent a lot of time visiting with him there. Bailey found pletty of ways to amuse herself. She got a puppy dog from Pappaw and made a game of taking it and her bag into the hallway. She wanted to see everything that was going on in the hall and say hi to everyone.

She also liked to gather all of Pappaw's socks and carry them around. It was a new pack of about 8 pairs, so she was carrying around 16 individual socks. She got so upset if we tried to take them away, or if she dropped them and couldn't pick them back up.

She loves her Pappaw and had so much fun with him!

Bailey also got to meet her little cousin Zeke for the first time. When we went down for Christmas Zeke was sick so we didn't get to see him. We're so glad he's better and we got to see him. I can't wait until they're older and running around together. It'll be so cute. Grant has always said he wanted to put our children in piano lessons. I think that'll be a great idea for Bailey. She begged to play the piano and enjoyed playing with her cousin Ashley and Zeke.

We had a busy Easter week/weekend. Bailey had an egg hunt at MDO. She did great! She loves to hunt Easter eggs. We are still hunting eggs this week. She carries around her basket and picks everything up. I was able to leave my class for a few minutes and get pictures of her hunting eggs.
Easter Sunday
Bailey and David
We also had an egg hunt over at Nana's, but I forgot my memory card, so we'll have to wait and see what Nana got on her camera. For Easter we went to church then had lunch with Grandmother. We all got nice long naps which were long overdue. Bailey then spent the night at Nana's because I had a test at school on Monday. We're taking it extra easy this week because MDO is on spring break w/ rutherford county schools. We've just been hunting eggs and going for walks with Bailey's new wagon. Thanks Pappaw! I'll have to get some pictures of her and that wagon on here soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Time to catch up

Sickness has hit the Todd house again! Surprise Surprise! I've got a cold and Bailey's starting to get it. Hopefully we'll catch it quickly. So, sorry I haven't updated in a bit.

We had a snow day this past Saturday. I kept laughing b/c everybody was rushing out for bread and milk and I just knew it wouldn't snow. Well it did, but it dried up by mid afternoon. We got out and played in it, but Bailey was not happy. She just stood there and fussed!

Our friends Crystal, Jr, and Bella left on Tuesday for California. We spent Monday helping them get ready and hanging out. Bailey was being so silly at lunch! She fed herself, with her hands, then fell asleep in the highchair while she was still eating. We laughed soooo hard.

Bella got a kick out of it too!
We are heading out on Friday for Mississippi. Can't wait to see Pappaw, Mammaw, and Pap!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy little bee

Bailey is ALWAYS busy. I don't think she knows how to sit still. The other night she was taking her babies one by one to the dining room, then back to the play room. Why, I have no clue. She is going to be such a good mommy. She hugs and pats on her babies. She tries to give them water and pacis. She takes burp cloths and uses them as blankies for her babies. She will sit with her babies and cover them up and love on them for a long time.

She just did the cutest thing. I had my camera all ready, but the batteries died. So no pictures for this one. Sorry! She went to her diaper bag for school and pulled out an outfit and a few diapers. She brought Pooh to the playroom and put him on the bookcase with all of her supplies like she was going to change him. Then she took the pants and tried to dress Pooh. It was so precious! Now she's walking around kissing everything. She loves to take the picture of her cousin David and give him tons of kisses.

We went back to the Dr. the other day and got some more steroids and a new antibiotic. So far, so good! The welts are all gone, but the yucky runny nose is back and I think her ears are hurting her again. So we started the new antibiotic and are just waiting for it to take away the yuckiness.