Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gotta love the $1 bins at Target!

Bailey and I went to Target this evening and found these awesome foam puzzles. There are 4 puzzles for only $2!! She LOVES them. She kept dragging me to her little area and telling me to sit and watch her play. I wasn't allowed to actually touch any of them, of course.

Ah, finally!!

I have been trying to change my blog template for the past week. I found someone who makes VERY cute ones, but was having such a hard time getting it to load correctly for my blog. I was getting so mad! I finally figured out that my blog needed to be upgraded. Aparently I had started to upgrade it, but never finished the process. So, anytime I tried to add a template from an outside source, it wouldn't accept it. Therefore, I am sorry you have had to look at ugly backgrounds for the past week!

Don't ya like this one?! Well, I do.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My sleeping angel

Monday, August 25, 2008

A catch-up

Get comfy b/c there are tons of pictures!!

I started school today. My very last semester. I got an early start, even though I couldn't get to sleep until 2 am, I got up at 6 and started moving. I rewarded myself with a Starbucks frappuchino. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to stay awake. They somehow made an extra and offered it to me. It was free so took it! Genius that I am didn't figure into it that 1) I don't need that caffeine. 2) I could only drink half of the 'tall' that I had paid for. So I wasted a free frappuchino.

My professor was very funny, which is always a good thing. He likes participation, which I usually HATE, but this time I wasn't fazed by it. I normally like to go to class, get it over with, and go home. I guess now since this is my last time I'll actually put a little more effort into it. I've always "kinda tried" and made decent grades. So I figured this time I would try a little harder and see how I do. If I do worse, I am not going to be happy. And, I am not going to skip this semester!! Shocking, I know. I hate the classroom setting. I am all for online classes, but they weren't available in the last 2 that I need so I'll just have to get over my hatred of the classroom and go.

Now onto Bailey bug...
My mom's friend Jessica that she works with, who is incredibly sweet and awesome, knows that Bailey is a princess. B/c, well she is! : ) She sent us a trashbag FULL of dress-up clothes and other little toys. I was so excited about the dress up clothes. One day last week while Bailey was napping, I organized everything. As soon as she woke up I put her in a dress up outfit. I was that excited. She definitely wasn't!
She pitched a fit! And I caught it all on camera (insert evil laugh here) Yes, I think it's funny that I finally caught one of her fits. Hey, my mom has pictures of me kicking and screaming, with a blood-red my mickey mouse skirt...

She was trying to rip it off.

I took it off and gave her these little rubbery dolls that have rubbery outfits to put on. She was much happier.

Later that night, she did her usual. She dragged all of her Pooh's to the living room and started playing with them.

I don't have the slightest clue what she's doing. But you can see all her washrags. We have a basket that sits on top of the toilet in her bathroom with her washrags. Everytime I go in there the basket is gone. She keeps taking it and pulling the washrags out to play. Very annoying for me!

This was last night. We all took a long afternoon nap, so we were all up late.
She LOVES to put on daddy's shoes. She tries to put mine on, but I am constantly in flip-flops so those are a little harder for her to wear.

Daddy wanted me to try and get a picture w/o pabi, but that made Bailey MAD.

She got her pabi back and was happy again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

YUM spaghetti!

We are a spaghetti loving family, and this little girl is no exception! She ran to her high chair, ready to eat. I am so proud of her for using her fork like a big girl!

Spaghetti is actually the first meal I cooked for her as far as table foods go. Ya know, other than the cheerios and peanut butter crackers that she was addicted to. I stripped her down to a diaper and got my camera ready for that special moment. She wouldn't even touch it. I was so bummed! It took months before she would eat actual meals and even now it's hit and miss. For the past few days the only thing I can get her to eat is "apple" applesauce and crackers. I even fixed her sweet potatoes, which has always been a favorite and she pitched a fit. I am so glad she wanted spaghetti today. I want my child to finally eat like the rest of the world!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


She's not her daddy's girl is she???

This is her favorite hat of daddy's to put on. And the pabi stays on that side of her mouth. She's working on a bottom tooth on that side.

Dancing to something on tv.

Well, Bailey has caught a cold and mommy and daddy are starting to feel their own colds coming on, so we're all stuck at home. Not fun, especially since we had plans for the Discovery Center today.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday wedding

This past Sunday we went to our friends' wedding. Grant's best friend since 8 (?) years old and my friend Melissa got hitched! I got some decent pictures. It's a little hard when Bailey doesn't really look at the camera anymore. And no, I didn't get any pictures of the beautiful bride. Shame on me. I aimed my camera at her, then it died.

Mike and Grant

This is what Bailey did during the wedding. She gathered up ALL the pens she could find and colored on their visitor cards. She also chatted it up. Kind of embarrassing, but a 2 year old doesn't exactly respond to "shh!"

Their reception was held at a beautiful old house in Milton. The house actually used to be a school. The outside area of the house was gorgeous too. There was a HUGE windchime. Bailey was in heaven!

I wanted to get a picture of Daddy walking Bailey up the stairs. I tried to get a better one, but she tripped and fell.

She is throwing a fit b/c we told her it was time to go back inside. Mommy was getting devoured by mosquitos!

She was exhausted by the time we left. She dropped her pabi.
And 2 seconds later she found it again.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mommy bribes again!

And is darn proud of it! Last night, I couldn't even get her to sit in the bath tub. I wasn't even going to wash her hair, just let her sit, soak, and play. She just kept trying to jump out. So today we went and dropped some stuff off at Goodwill and decided to run in Target. I had to get her diapers and bath wash, so I looked to see what else they had. She LOVES to color, so I grabbed these bath crayons. She LOVED them. She hated being washed, but finally calmed down again to play.

Just had to get a tushie picture ; )

The crayon markings come off with just water and a washrag, so she helped me clean up.

In keeping with the big girl theme, she got some new bath wash. I was getting a little tired of the baby lavender smell, so we got Melon kids wash. It smells really good, and it detangles! Really needed that. She also got a new Snoopy toothbrush and Diego toothpaste. So, she's one happy little girl tonight. Well as happy as a 22 month old without a nap all day can be...

Boy does time fly!

Our little princess will be 2 in a little over a month. And you can definitely tell! She has become such a little girl. Not to mention the "terrible 2's" are really in effect. She's always been tempermental and dramatic, but it's gotten a little extreme now, with a lot of defiance thrown in. So much fun!! She has to go to time out, at least once every couple of days. Which really isn't that bad, but she should probably go more than that. I think I've let her get away with more than I should. She just works herself up over nothing and it can be pointless when she's that upset.

So, I thought I'd jot down some of the phrases that she's saying, especially for those that haven't seen her in a while.

"ghere you go" (there/here you go)
"I ____" (I want cup, pabi, etc.)
"hesh you" (bless you)
"I sorry Mommy" (or whoever)
"Ow mommy" my favorite lol
Her phone conversations--> " Is Mommy, Is Daddy" (It's for you mommy, it's daddy)
"Sit now"
"up please" (as she's pulling our finger and dragging us somewhere)
"stop now" (she has her little finger pointed in our face..oops)
"good girl Bay"
"let's go" (usually to elmo)
"Oh ____ where arree" (Oh *mommy--this morning* where are you)
"Who is it"
"what's at"
"where go"
and her new words are rarerrr (water) and show (shower)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend. I got to go to Miller's Grocery for lunch and Olive Garden for dinner. Those are 2 of my FAVORITE places!! YUMMY! And I got to have a kidless night Friday. Even more fun! My BF Autumn's little sister and her mom watched Bailey for me so we could go to dinner and hang out. Bailey didn't even cry when I left, that's how much fun she was having.

Me and Autumn have always been so goofy when we hang out.

Saturday Nana and David came to play with Bailey while I went to MDO training at church. It's gotten me excited for this year, for the short amount of time that I will be there. They don't have the nursery age this year, so I can't go back after Austin comes.

Grant worked on Saturday. He actually worked 2p-3a Friday, then came home and drank a lot of coffee, then went to his other job from 6a-2p. So he came home and slept the rest of the day.

Oh! I got an A on my speech on Friday. Aparently the prof. decided to be nice and grade easier on our last speech. I ended up getting a B for the class. I got an A in my Social Work class. I am now out of school for 2 weeks, until my fall and LAST semester starts up.

And Bailey is the same ole Bailey. Being cute and testy as ever. We didn't get any pictures of her this weekend. Actually we did get some at Nana's but she was mad b/c she wanted to get in the pool, rather than take pictures. Two little boys in her sunday school class moved up. I am sooooo sad about that! When we had the nursery a few weeks ago, they were both "fighting" over Bailey. One would give Bailey a kiss and the other kept telling him NO! I was planning on holding Bailey back b/c her birthday is so late, but I'm not so sure now. oh well...we'll see how it goes.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I planned to have a very low-key birthday this year, maybe it's the whole being pregnant thing. I don't know. Anyway, my birthday has been much more than I expected. I got to go on a maternity shopping spree and lunch. I woke up this morning to find this, even though I said no gifts! :) My sweet, sweet hubby.. And, I get to go to lunch and dinner tomorrow! The thought of not cooking is enough to make me thrilled.

oh yea, the bag sings!! I LOVE the Little Mermaid! Don't be surprised if this reappears for Bailey's birthday.

I got a Beginner's yoga DVD from my sweethearts. I've really been wanting to try yoga for a while, but definitely not in a class setting.

I also got surprised with this yummy cake!

In case you're wondering, I had the girls today and we did my little celebration while they napped. Hence, no pictures of Bailey. I do plan to get some with her tomorrow, though. Sorry, technically today.

Now, onto that little booger:

Bailey did this all on her own. She laid pillows on the floor, then placed all her babies on them to go night night. She's got both elmos, both "giggets" (eeyore--she thinks he's piglet for some reason) and pooh is over to the side. She covered them all with her "gaggie" (blankie--i don't know where she comes up with these pronounciations) and patted them. She told them night night. Then she aparently thought that someone was being naughty b/c she told them "no no it's night night"

I had to write a speech tonight..on my birthday! My own fault for procrastinating for so long. I couldn't do it until Bailey went to bed and boy was she wired tonight! This is her "hat". I don't know why it's a hat, but it is. Surprise surprise, she's also attached to it. I was telling her that it was time to go night night and she needed to take her hat off. She was not happy at all!

This is what my sweet pea is doing at this very moment. She woke up while I was working on my speech. She has cried for applesauce the past 2 nights in her sleep. She'll cry "apple" and "eat". Poor baby. It cracks me up every time. Anyway, she told me to go and I had to sit with her for about 30 min before she calmed back down. She'll sleep on the couch, but doesn't want to in her bed.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Big girl potty

Bailey has been coming to tell me "Mommmmmmy I go pee-pee". So I say "ok, let's go potty". So she runs in there, then runs back out to get elmo. Aparently elmo was the one that had to go pee-pee. Go figure...

Well, then she couldn't leave out her other babies, so they all took a turn on the potty. With the help of their little mommy, of course.

In case you're wondering why you see elmo, he and the other "elmo" aka carebear have made their way back in our home. I opened the closet to get something not realizing that Bailey was behind me. She saw the elmos and starting getting excited and wanting them. She's not as attached as she used to be. She's too busy being attached to everything else in sight, such as her 3 humongous Pooh's. She does take elmos and put them at her little table so they can eat "nack" w/ her.

And to show that I am NOT exaggerating...

She cried and cried for all these babies. She was not happy until they were all piled around her.