Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Princess Bailey

Yes I do realize that Bailey is more of a "Drama Queen", we'll stick w/ "Princess" for the time being.

Lilly's princess party

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Our sweet precious Daddy turned 28 last Sunday! We went and spent the day at Grandmother and Pappaw's. Daddy's gift from us didn't come in until the day after his birthday and he was ready for it! I tried to keep it a secret, but it wasn't supposed to come in until the 19th, so I went ahead and told him. Plus I was too excited!

Daddy's new present!

The rest of these are from Grandmother and Pappaw's.

Daddy and his best friend (according to Bailey)

Sweet boy w/ crazy hair. Can you see those teeth?!

Helping Daddy blow out the candles

She was SOO proud of herself

Grandmother, Daddy, and the kids

The Todd's!

Grant and Rachel aka Daddy and Rayrie

Bay thought that Daddy needed help.

Movie tickets! Which we used immediately :)

Austin took a special liking to Daddy's new pajama pants. He walked around with them forever!

I really can't remember the exact reason why she was so upset, but I think she couldn't get the box open, but didn't want to give it up. Honestly, who knows with her?

More goodies!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Day

I know what you're thinking b/c I'm thinking it too. FINALLY our last Christmas post. At least we're only halfway through January.

Christmas Day we went to Grandmother and Pappaw's house. The kids had a lot of fun and got lots of fun goodies. We did too of course!

"Branmudder" and Bay

Rayrie with gifts

Pappaw cooking

Rayrie helping Austin open gifts

Rayrie and Fra-fre

Bay cheesing

And there is Christmas day!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Eve

Alright y'all..I'm finally back. As usual, it's busy around here. Not to mention my random low-grade fever has returned and Bailey is sick. She's running a slight fever and threw up a few times this morning. On the carpet, of course.


On Christmas Eve we went to Nana and Papa's and then to Papa's Mom's (Nanna) for some fun.

Bailey playing the Wii. She really liked doing this. Hmmmm, maybe we'll get one someday.

David was all about taking pictures.

and Austin was most interested in climbing.

Daddy played on the computer

Could not get a nice picture of them both smiling.

Austin walking

and checking out the tree

being silly with Daddy

Bailey was VERY helpful with opening presents.

She conned the camera from David. Well truthfully she just cried until he gave it to her. But that's how a girl gets what she wants sometimes.

He liked his outfit.

Bailey's turn! She got lots of goodies~they both did.

A kickity-kick ball

A "puter"

She got upset about something and decided to pout

David got Guess Who!

"Jed" got a Walmart giftcard.

Adam and Allison opening their gift.

Nana's excited about hers!

and so is Papa!
Up next: Christmas day at Grandmother and Pappaw's!