Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Bay eat cho off foot"

In case you don't understand Bailey-talk, that means "Bailey eat a cheerio off foot". And that is exactly what she did. Her new-found talent is balancing a cheerio on her big toe, bringing her foot up to her mouth and eating it. Then she lets out this huge belly laugh. :) Luckily she had a bath this morning, so her feet are somewhat clean. However she can't just grab the cheerio, so a few other toes go in her mouth too. Yucky!

Mommy's so silly!

Friday, January 30, 2009

"Shake a boo-boo, shake a body"

These words have been coming out of Bailey's mouth the past couple of days as she "shakes her boo-boo". Yes, it is cute and funny, but where in the world did my 2 year old learn to shake her booty???

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday David!!

Our nephew David turns 6 today! I can't believe he's already that old. I still remember him potty training at 2 and snuggling up in my lap like Bailey does. We had a little party at Nana and Papa's this past Sunday to celebrate.

Mr. David Michael

We had some yummy pizza~one of the few things that Bailey will still eat.

My cousin Kelly made this cake. Isn't she so talented? I'm definitely keeping her in mind for Bailey and Austin's birthday cakes this year. Check out her other cakes at

Bailey colored David's card from her and Austin

She finally got her hands on David's hat

and Austin slept through the whole party

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She IS smart!

Not that I thought she was dumb or anything, but it seems like everything I try to teach her goes in one ear and out the other. The things I don't want her to learn, she picks up easily, like pointing her finger in my face and saying "NO NO!". But things like colors and numbers, she's more stubborn with. She can say the names of colors but she won't identify them. She'll say "1,2" and I know she knows more, but she won't count any higher.

Well, today she counted 1-6! But only because she thought I wasn't paying attention. In a way I wasn't, but I heard her count and looked at her like she was crazy. She does know these things, she just only shows that when she feels like it. Typical Bailey...

She did the same thing with her colors the other week. She has a container with block shapes. I used to play with one when I was little. There are blue circles, red squares, and green triangles. She can put the shapes in the right hole and will pretend she doesn't as she giggles. I asked her to show me a blue one and she grabbed the right one! She did the same with the green and red. I'm so proud of my girl!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aren't they adorable?

There's nothing I love more than watching my angels sleep. Most likely because that's my free time~IF they're both asleep at the same time. Here lately I'll get one to sleep, work forever and get the other one asleep, then the first one will wake up. That just happened this morning and I was not a happy mommy! I had just drifted to sleep for my own nap when I heard Bailey's little feet coming to find me.

Austin is very handsy, just like Bailey was. He looks like he's thinking hard in this one. Before this he had his hand in a fist under his chin, but I wasn't fast enough with the camera.

And our Bailey...what can I say? I've posted all her crazy sleeping pictures. What I failed to mention is that I used to be a crazy sleeper like that. I fell asleep half off the bed, sitting up with my head up against something, all kinds of stuff. I would end up upside down and sideways, kinda like she is here. Her feet are resting where my head is supposed to be! She pushes her poor daddy to the very edge when she sleeps with us. But she loves to snuggle against him. The other night she snuggled up to him until they were sleeping forehead to forehead.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

He smiles!

Our precious boy has finally smiled! Bailey can really get him going, but that's what big sisters are for.

Just ignore the quality of these two pictures. I turned off the flash to keep from upsetting him. He was really cheesing, but I wasn't quick enough to catch it on camera.

After this picture he got upset b/c mommy was mean and kept getting the flash right in his eyes.

He was really cheesing and talking to Bailey. She was being so silly!

This past weekend we had some of our favorite visitors! Grant's dad, mammaw, and pap came up from Mississippi to see the kiddos. We had a great time visiting with them!

Of course Pappaw was enamored with Austin. Who wouldn't be right?! :)

Bailey LOVED all the extra attention she got.

Pappaw became her favorite person just by having some tea with her.

Pap and Austin just relaxing

Awesome Mammaw~she brought some YUMMY food and gave me the weekend off from cooking. I was so incredibly thrilled!

Pappaw, Mammaw, Austin, Pap, and Daddy

4 generations of Todd men

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Austin's photo shoot

Well one of them anyway...

These pictures are from Erica Foley. Remember, you can check her out at

There were many awesome pictures and these are some of my very favorites! Enjoy!

Yea yea I know I love black and white photography :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh my precious Bailey...

is so incredibly funny. Right now, everything is "yuyey" (yucky). *It's very interesting trying to spell things the way she says them*. Anyway, her diapers are yuyey, the loose thread on the couch is yuyey, the speck of glitter on her hand is yuyey, her wrinkly fingers after her bath are yuyey. You get the idea. And she wants it taken care of NOW. Some things I can fix, like the glitter and diapers, but she doesn't understand that I can't do anything about her fingers. And that causes a huge meltdown. So we have many, many meltdowns these days. Which means she cries "I go night night" and runs to her bed. So cute!

She has always been very lovey-dovey. She loves to rub your arms, sometimes a little too much. Well now she will rub her forehead on my arm when she gets tired. She likes to be touching my arm when she goes to sleep. Lately she's been standing on her stool next to me, all the while rubbing her forehead on my arm.
When she sleeps with us, she has to be touching one of us, usually Daddy (as you can see). There are some pictures of her touching me while we're sleeping, but this is my blog so I'm not going to show you pictures of me sleeping. But I will show Grant, which I'm sure he's just so excited about. :P
She has been sleeping in her own bed this week, but she wakes up to Daddy's alarm that goes off at 2:30 am. She, of course, thinks that it's time to be awake so she stays up until she's ready to crash around 6. So last night I just stuck her in our bed. I do need some sleep every once in a while... even if Austin doesn't think I do.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My little blueberry

When I first started keeping up with Austin's size, he was a blueberry. My friend Tiff LOVED to freak me out by insisting that there were blueberrIES. Thank God she was wrong! But I've always thought of him as my little blueberry and it's only fitting that he has gorgeous blue eyes.

My talented photographer friend Erica Foley at took this awesome picture. I just love it! There are many more that I will show you, hopefully soon.

My friend Rachel is also an awesome photographer and took some pictures of little man. I'll post those too soon. Check out her work at

And another thing I am so excited about:

Austin LOVES bath time!!!!! To go from a child who screams through it to one who is so comfortable they fall asleep is such a blessing. Of course, it could be my fault Bailey hates her bath. It's not like I knew what I was doing when she was a newborn. Oh well...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This past Saturday (the 10th) was Grant's 27th birthday! We made a special day out of it. He and I went and saw "Yes Man" in the theater. We haven't seen a theater movie in a LONG time. That movie is hilarious! Then we hung out with the kiddos for awhile at Grandmother's and went to eat at his favorite place, Red Lobster. After we eat there we seem to always go to Home Depot or Lowe's and walk off our meal. So we headed to Home Depot and picked out all the things that will someday make its way into our home.

We hope he had an awesome day. We love you Daddy!

He got some nice shirts from Grandmother

Such a sweet moment

She kept trapping herself between his feet

And today I packed up both kids and went to the post office, alone. It wasn't too bad, just a little more work than I would like. Bailey was an angel. She had everyone in the line giggling at her and talking about how well behaved and cute she was. Yea those moments are extremely rare, but oh so nice!

I thought she sounded pretty quiet while I was doing the first part of this blog. I was hoping she had fallen asleep, but NOPE

She pulled all of Austin's clothes out of his drawers to pick out an outfit for her baby...And she's so darn proud of herself. Then she went to her drawers and picked out some shoes for him. And yes, they were pink and sparkly. On a boy baby.

And Austin...completely devastated that I had the nerve to put him down for a second

Friday, January 9, 2009

Guess what?!?!

I decided to take a chance and try our photo card reader this morning and it works!!!!!!!!!!! I guess it just needed a little time to recuperate from being used all the time. I am beyond thrilled in case ya can't tell!! Now I can get back to taking pictures of our daily lives. I was a little lost, wanting to grab the camera but knowing it was going to be a huge pain in the butt to download. We're getting back to normal in other ways too!

Obviously, I've been a little out of commission. It's hard trying to fit housework in with a newborn that wants to be held all the time and a 2 year old who is fighting for your attention. I was lucky to fit in a load of laundry or dishes in one day, not to mention I was drugged up on benadryl and needing to sleep as much as possible. Those days are over people!

Yesterday, I got my butt into gear and cleaned. Not the good scrubbing that my house needs or is used to weekly, but a decent clean. I put Christmas stuff up, organized the kids rooms, went through Bailey's clothes, reorganized her toys, laundry, thank you cards, hung pictures, ordered pictures, and dyed my hair! Whew! All of this while "watching" The Devil Wears Prada. I love that movie. All it took was a little benadryl for the kids...


Bailey "helped" me in her way, which means grabbing all of her precious babies out of the goodwill pile. I'm talking the happy meal type toys in the pile, not her stuffed animals. But of course those knick-knack toys are precious to her too. She also tried to squeeze herself into one of Austin's sleepers. But for some reason, it just wouldn't work....

Austin cooed and hung out on his play mat and bouncer. He needed mommy every so often, but was pretty good. I am so happy that I got so much done! Next time, I will fit time in to eat before I get too hungry though.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally, our Christmas!

Now, I am warning you, there are very few pictures. As I said before we focused more on video and enjoying the moments. However, Nana did take bunches of pictures at her house, so I will get those when I can.

We had a great Christmas holiday. We spent Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's. Daddy had to go to work, which we were VERY sad about. He did get off at his "normal" time of 10:30 that night so we were able to get everything ready.

These are our cookies for Santa! He ate much more than that, but we must have caught him "mid-bite" ; )
Oh yea, we even made a cookie for baby Jesus!

This is Bailey's biggest, unexpected present. Daddy really wanted her to have one and was very excited about it. Don't ya love that crazy hair?!

She loves it. She rides her "bike" throughout the house.

Her new PJ's.

Her new coat from Mammaw and Pap. Can you see where she gets some of that crazy hair??

We started a tradition of ornaments each year and this was Bailey's. It has an Uppercase Living princess crown and some princess ribbons with her name and year on it. Yes, I did it myself and I'm a little proud of it.

Austin's new winter hat that I searched high and low for. He loves it b/c his head gets to stay warm.

We went over to Grandmother and Pappaw's Christmas Day and had a good ole' time. Bailey loved cuddling up and reading with Grandmother.