Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I finally ventured into the garage and found the cord for my camera!! It only took about 4x as long as it usually does, but oh well! I'll post Christmas pictures tomorrow. We didn't take too many b/c we took much more video, but I'll post what I do have.

For now, you're getting the random pictures that were on the camera.

This was Bailey's bath last night. The past 2 baths have been happy, which is oh so nice!

Our little man, 3.5 weeks old

She's such a great big sister! She's always so gentle with him and loves to give him kisses.

Bailey napping. I took this picture to show everything that she has to have piled up with her.

I told her to say "cheese"...

My goodies from graduation from daddy and the kids. I also got an adorable bracelet and a washer!

Daddy and Austin the morning of graduation.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Still not working

I put my camera card in and nothing happens. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing. So frustrating! I have a cord that connects from my camera to the computer but there is no telling where that thing is. The most irritating thing is that I have pictures on my camera I want to download, not to mention we're about to take a gazillion more with Christmas.

Well, here are some graduation pictures that were emailed to me, since I can't download my own. Yes, I'm very grouchy about this.
The little ones are doing good. Austin has still not figured out his nights and days. Most nights around 12 he wakes up and just looks around, like he's supposed to be up or something. He's such a snuggle bug and does not like to be put down sometimes. This can be very hard when I'm trying to do something, like sleep. Bailey is still his little mommy. She gets very upset during his bath time b/c he's crying so much. If he starts crying she runs to give him his pabi. She has been mommy's little helper. We made lots of homemade gifts this year and Bailey was so excited to help mommy "cook". She gets very excited about all the "prepents". Luckily, she hasn't tried to open the ones under the tree.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Me and my baby girl

She may look like her daddy (well except for her ears!), but she is all me. Her temper, sassiness, hyper-sensitivity...all her mama! Sorry!

We both prefer small groups of people over large groups, it takes us a while to warm up. She can show out and be a complete extrovert, but be so shy at the same time. I never liked to be the center of attention. Most of the time she doesn't, but if it's with family she really enjoys it. She cries if you look at her the wrong way, just like I did. Luckily, my skin has toughened up some over the years. She's already such a little mommy to all her babies and especially to Austin. I was the little mommy too. She's such a caring little person and does not like if anyone is upset.

She's my precious girl and I love her dearly. It's not just the two of us anymore and that is so weird! So I had to do a little "tribute" to the days of Mommy and Bailey.

My "Bailey belly"

Had to sneak Daddy in at least one : )

And yes I know I promised a comparative post, but I've been sick. It takes too much effort to compare pictures. I will get on it as soon as I feel better. Or maybe my card reader will straighten up soon and I can post new pictures!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No pictures...

I am very unhappy right now. I wanted to post some pictures from Graduation and some random pics from the past few days, but I can't. Our card reader is not working for some reason and of course all of our new pictures are still on the memory card. Lovely!!!

So, I don't know when you will get to see pictures again. Hopefully soon. Don't get too upset~I'll get creative and post some comparative baby pics of Austin and Bailey. So I'll get onto that tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our "firsts" of the day

Austin's first bath at home! He was not too thrilled about it, but after dealing with Bailey's bath ordeals, we were prepared.

He's just sooo traumatized huh??

Our other first for the day:

Bailey undressed herself! With some help of course. I was feeding Austin and she wanted to put on her gown. So I told her to undress and she tried to pull her pants off. She thought that she had to pull the legs up in order to get them off, but once she figured it out, it was all good. She's getting to be soo big!

She is such an awesome big sister. She is so concerned with Austin and making sure that he has his pabi, blanket, Pooh, and anything else she thinks he may need. As soon as he starts crying she wants to make him feel better. The other night she patted him and said "it's ok baby, mommy fix it" It was absolutely precious!

We're trying to get back to normal. Austin is still trying to figure out when he's supposed to be sleeping. Monday night he slept from 12-8, but Tuesday night he was up until 4. So we've spent the past afternoons sleeping. I haven't really had to do much of anything. Well I'm resting and taking it easy like I'm supposed to. I have some awesome friends who have been feeding us dinner, so I haven't had to worry about cooking. I've learned that I will survive if my floors are perfectly spotless. And Grant has been such an awesome help in making sure that we have everything we need before he has to go to work.

Our next big event is this Saturday: Finally graduating from MTSU! I thought this day would never come, but it is finally here! I took my last final this morning~hopefully I did ok. Very little sleep and pain medicine may make for some interesting answers, but we'll see. So be looking for graduation pictures!

Monday, December 8, 2008

More pictures!

I stole Nana's camera card today so I could get her pictures too. So enjoy!

Just a warning~if surgery pictures make you queasy, skip the first picture!

I know it's graphic, but I thought this picture was so neat.

He's not a proud daddy is he??

LOVE this picture!

First time getting to hold my baby boy!

Mommy with both of my babies

Ready to go home!

Bailey got her own little baby boy. She was very excited!

Mom and I got some pictures of him today. It was a lot of work, but we got some cute ones.