Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will it ever end??

The fevers last week were caused by an ear infection because she didn't get to finish her first dose of antibiotics. So we went and got her another antibiotic and she's allergic to this one too! GRRRR! She was so itchy and her eyes were so swollen.

We had a tiny bit of her steroids left over from the last time so we gave her some last night and the rest this morning. The swelling went down, but she broke out even more on her face. She's itchy, but fine other than that.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I was a good mom this morning and stuck my princess in front of "The Little Mermaid" with some goldfish so I could study for my Psych test tonight. I came to check on her and had to get some pics! She's done this only one other time and that was in Bella's highchair.

We're just hanging out today. We had plans for the gym and grocery store, but she's still running a fever. It started yesterday morning and just keeps coming back. It got up to 103, which makes me nervous. I swear she can't get a break right now!

So, I have found a job-in a way..we're making one. My friend Crystal and I are going to do childcare in her home. We're going to do drop-in and after school childcare for now until MDO is out in May, then start full time. We both love MDO, but 12 hrs/week is nowhere near enough. I really hope that this will do well and feel that it is where I'm supposed to be. I've applied for many other jobs in the past couple months and nothing's panned out. So maybe this is where God wants me. I really do love children and excited that Bailey will get more socialization while we're doing this. So, if ya know anybody that even needs just an hr or so for an appt or shopping, send em our way! ;o)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our Valentine's Day

We had a very busy Valentine's Day. Bailey and I had parties at Mother's Day Out. Poor baby went with her rash. By Thursday it looked terrible. She looked bruised and her hands and feet were so swollen. The Dr. told us on Wednesday night that he couldn't diagnose her over the phone and to take her to Vanderbilt. We considered our options and decided to up her dosage of Benadryl and keep a very close eye on her, since we were going to the Dr. on Thursday afternoon. Here are a few pics of what she looked like.

Well it turns out that she was allergic to the amoxicillin that was given to her for her strep/sinuses. We were given steroids to give her for 4 days (tom's the last day!!) and she looks SOO much better. The swelling's all gone and most of the hives are gone.

We still had a small Valentine's celebration. I woke up that morning to this from Daddy and Bailey! I just LOVE getting flowers :o)

Bailey and I made a card for Daddy. I did a smaller version of this card for my kids at MDO. The big blob at the bottom is a heart made of her hands. She didn't like that part. She's a little prissy and doesn't like paint or anything messy, well other than food! on her hands. She did LOVE putting the stickers on. We're going to have to do more craft projects like this at home. She loves to color and play with stickers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An ordinary day

We had mother's day out today and that was about it. I had to get pictures of all the kids in my class for Valentine's cards, so I got one of Bailey. Of course it was after she got her shirt dirty and stripped off. About 5 minutes later she took off her pants too. You can see a tiny bit of her rash in the pic. We were thinking it was fifth's disease, but I'm not really sure. We go to the Dr. on Thursday for her shots so we'll see what they say. And yes that bow in her hair is an original from me! It has a bottlecap in the middle that says "Princess".
Not too much else is going on. She is going to Ms. Crystal's to play with Bella while I have to take a test tomorrow and we have a Valentine's party for playgroup on Friday. I'll try and get some more pictures to post. Love y'all!

Monday, February 4, 2008

So, I have decided to create this little blog so that family members who we don't get to see often can get updates. So we'll try it and see if it works!
So now for that update:
Grant and Bailey are feeling sick right now. The Dr. said it was just sinuses, but he just looked in her throat w/o doing a strep test. With Bailey's best friend recently having strep, we're still a little worried that's what it could actually be. We got some antibiotics to be on the safe side. Grant plans to go to the Dr. tomorrow.
She's really enjoying Mother's Day Out now. I tell her we've got to get ready for school and she'll chime in with "cool! cool!" We went to the gym today w/ her 2nd time being in childcare. This time she didn't cry, just walked around. So hopefully next time she'll actually play a little. There's not too much going on. I've been on a hairbow making kick, so Bailey has a million new bows. I'll have to take some pictures so I can post them. I've been bad about taking pictures, but we've stayed busy lately. Here are some from Grant's birthday.