Monday, March 23, 2009

We're here!

There will obviously be no pictures on this one, but I was excited to find a computer station in the hotel! Woohoo! Didn't know how I was going to make it a whole week without the internet. Very sad, I know...

Well an 8 hr trip took us a little over 10 hours. Instead of leaving around bedtime we decided to take naps and left around 3:45 am on Saturday morning. We hit traffic along the way and took a nice long break at a SuperTarget outside of Atlanta. I was excited about that!

We had a nice Saturday and Sunday with Daddy before he went to work today. The kids and I just hung out around the hotel. If the weather's nice tomorrow we'll do a little exploring, maybe head to the Pandamodium (like a Chuck E Cheese) with a bar! So I can get hammered while my kids play b/c that's how I roll... You better know I'm totally kidding, but I was just amazed that they have a bar in a kids play place.

We also went to Jacksonville Beach yesterday, but you'll get to hear all about that in pictures :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our trip to Mississippi! (in TONS of pictures)

As you know, we went to Mississippi this past weekend. We had a good drive down there. Bailey did pretty good, especially with the DVD player and Monster's Inc. She had to hold it right in front of her. Austin woke up twice on the way down and only once on the way back.

We had a fabulous time visiting with everyone! So there are a gazillion pictures! I would have broken it up, but I just haven't had the time. So it'll be one long read :)

Bailey remembered everybody this time. She was so excited to see everybody and would get upset when we would go somewhere b/c she thought we were going home.

Bailey and Zeke played, played, and played some more!

Austin and daddy took a nice nap together

And then visited with everyone

Zeke was in LOVE with Austin! He wanted his Nanna to hold him and Austin at the same time.

Pap had to do the same

They decided to watch Monster's Inc. together until the DVD player died. Oops.

Like I said, he LOVED Austin! Which is so good since he will have his own sweet baby sister, Lola Grace, any day now!

Is he not the cutest thing?!

He thought Austin's feet needed kissing

And Bailey needed hugging

Austin loved hanging out with his Pappaw :)

Sunday after church we got to see even more family and play.

We had birthday cake for Mammaw's birthday. That was obviously Zeke and Bailey's favorite part.

Bailey and Mammaw

Playing piano together again

March 2008

Austin was conked out
That afternoon we drove over to Brookhaven and visited with some more family
Bailey and Austin with Grandmother

We were so happy we got to meet our new cousin Ruth Ellen! She is only a couple weeks old and absolutely beautiful! (my camera battery died and needed a break right after this so I couldn't get another picture with Michael looking up. Sorry Michael! )

Little Ruth Ellen with her grandma

Austin and Aunt Nette

Aunt Nette with both Austin's (her grandson Austin) Isn't he a cutie pie? Makes me feel better about having an Austin :)

Bailey found this

did a little dance then made it her duty to decide who could have some and who couldn't. She was a little stingy at times...

Bailey opened up our presents. She was excited about Austin's bibs

and her Precious Moments baby. It says the Lord's Prayer and she loves it!

And one more picture with Aunt Debbie
We aparently brought home a cold with us. Daddy, Bailey, and Austin are sick. Not fun for Mommy!! Especially when I'm trying to do laundry and pack. We're leaving for Florida tomorrow night and will be gone until the 29th. Well the kids and I will be back then. Grant will be gone until the 3rd, so we'll have to spend the week without him. Since we don't have a laptop I won't be back until then :(

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our week without Daddy

Grant left last Friday for a business trip to FL. He's working at and training the guys at a plant in Lake City. We have missed him VERY much!! He comes home tomorrow and then we're heading straight to Mississippi for a long weekend.

We've been trying to stay busy since he's been gone. None of us really know how to act. Bailey's not getting the attention she's used to, so she's been a little jealous of Austin and acting out. Austin's being needier than usual. And I'm so off my schedule it's unreal. I normally like to clean house before Grant comes home each day and have dinner close to the time he gets home. But I haven't been cooking, or really cleaning for that matter. Well, the house is clean, but not in my usual routine.

We have not been doing a lot of this:
(in fact it's nearly 1 am and Bailey is still theory is that she's waiting for Daddy)

Especially not this little boy. He'll sleep for a few minutes on his own and then he wants to be held. He sleeps great if he's held, but mommy doesn't get to sleep then. He does sleep a little more soundly when his head is back like that. Looks uncomfortable doesn't it?

We went and played with David while he was at Nana and Papa's this past weekend. They rode bikes and we walked to the playground. Bailey had a BLAST! She loves playing with "Dadid"

And Bailey's new favorite thing to do is this:

She's "tapping". She's been climbing up in the chair all by herself and just typing away.

Well I'll post again when we get back from Mississippi. Grant will be going back to Florida the next week, but we get to go with him! It is just not fun without him here and Mommy is definitely more stressed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What happens when...

You disobey Mommy and jump on the couch?

There was a huge thud. She didn't fall off, but her cheek hit the back of the couch which is hard. Obviously, it hurt and she cried, which upset Austin and he cried. Not a fun time!
So we called Daddy and she told him all about her boo-boo, then she got "a milk, a water, a pabi, wat Cars, go night-night" She's been out for over an hour. Hopefully she'll be down for the night.

Austin finally calmed down and went to sleep. He's been running slight fevers so I'm thinking he may be teething. His gums look slightly white where the bottom teeth will pop up.

I took both kids to Walmart by myself today! I think that was a first. It was definitely an adventure. Bailey wanted to be held, then she wanted to walk, then she thought somebody was going to get her and she wanted to be held again. I had to hold her while she had a melt-down in the lotion aisle. Somehow she calmed down and walked with me. Then out of the blue she decided she wanted to ride in the buggy (which she always pitches a FIT not to do!). She was an angel the rest of the time we were in there.

It was beautiful today and she got to wear one of her new springy dresses. She was being a little stinker and wouldn't give me a good picture.

When I put the camera down she changed her mind and decided to smile for me :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Disney live!

Last Sunday Bailey, Nana, and I went to Disney Playhouse Live! We saw Winnie the Pooh, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, and Mickey Mouse. Bailey loves to watch all of these shows.

Because of the snow, we stayed home from church which messed up Bailey's entire schedule. The show was during her normal naptime, but we were planning on the drive to be her sleep time. But she just wouldn't go to sleep! So she was completely exhausted during the show. But her eyes were glued to the stage! I swear she loved it, even though it does not look like it in pictures. :)

There was going to be a big music party and everyone had to get their invitations to come.

Darby, Tigger, and Pooh got theirs.
So did Handy Manny
The Little Einsteins and their rocket ship were also there.

She was holding her eyes open and yawning!

The music party!