Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treating Take 1

Well, technically it's take 2, but we didn't take pictures at the Trunk or Treat, so this is 1. Okie doke? :)

We went downtown to the square to go trick or treating around all the shops. There were SOOO many people there. We only made it about half way before we decided to head home. Autumn and Kinsey went with us to make it much more fun!
Bailey wanted to walk with her "Aumum". Oops Cinderella wanted to walk with Aumum. When she's dressed up she's "Cindebrella". When I undressed her she said "Mommy I not Cindebrella anymore!"

Austin is Cinderella's pumpkin

Who knew collecting candy took so much concentration?

And Kinsey was Tinkerbell! She just laid back and collected her candy (for mommy and daddy of course!) Almost 4 mos old and already holding her own bag.

The kids in action
This is the picture that I found on Aparently the kids didn't want to put their best faces forward for the newspaper archives.

And I was so excited to come across this blast from the past! This was my first car!! Well not this exact car. Mine had a spoiler b/c that was soo much cooler... How fitting to come across this with the person who spent the most time in that car with me? If I had a scanner I would post a couple pictures of us in the car. But be thankful that I don't :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playdate with Rayrie!

This past Sunday we tried to go to the Pumpkin Patch, but the line was ridiculous! And it wouldn't have given us long to play. So we decided to go to a park not far from the patch.

Bailey was SOO excited to play with Rayrie. She wanted her to go down the slide right after her.

And at the same time.

Bet ya can't guess what Austin did??

Yep, he slept....

And with a little help from Rayrie, Bailey made it across the monkey bars!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It must be a family thing

I know what you're thinking...

Where the heck have the Todd's been?! Right? WELL...the munchkins started running fevers last Friday night. The Dr. told us to just "wait and see" on Saturday. But when Bailey started wheezing we headed to a walk-in. They both had the flu :( We finished up their medicine today (Hallelujah!) That stuff was nasty and it was a bit of a battle. They are doing better, but are still hanging onto nasty, gunky coughs.

Oh yea, our computer's been sick too. AGAIN. Not happy about that, but it is supposedly virus free. But our computer had to be wiped clean, so I lost my photo program. I downloaded another program with tons of options, but am still trying to figure it out. These pictures look a tad blurred to me, but so does the screen. So either they really are blurred or my eyes are going out.

So we've been hanging out and having fun around the house.
We played outside with Daddy when he was off work on Wednesday.

Austin and Bailey are so incredibly silly! They were just laughing and laughing. So I listened carefully to hear exactly what Bailey was saying. She was yelling out "P-U!" And they were both just belly laughing! I caught them in the moment.

We also painted pumpkins! And not just any pumpkins, but special pumpkins that we got on our trip to FL. Because that's exactly what you go to FL for. Pumpkins. :)

Austin needed a bit more guidance with his.

The finished product

Bailey took a lot of time and careful effort with hers

Her finished pumpkin

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beach trip

Right before Bailey's birthday we got to go on a *FREE* (woohoo!) trip to the Beach. Our friend Lisa rented a condo for the month and invited Nana and Papa to go for the weekend that she was going. So we said "hey, we'll go too!" haha! Daddy had to stay home and work though :(

The kids did really well on the way down there. They watched movies and took some good naps.

Panama City Beach

Courtney and Bailey
I used to watch Courtney when she was a baby and before we know it, she'll be watching Bailey and Austin! She did such a great job with the kids and they loved being able to play with her. Bailey just didn't want to give me a pretty smile.

She loved playing in the sand!

Austin did too, but his skin had a rough time with everything. We don't know if it was the sunscreen, sand, or the chlorine in the pool.

Courtney wanted to be buried

I can't stress enough how hard Austin is to handle in the water. He just wants to swim on his own! If we had a way to keep his head above the water, I really think he would swim all around the pool.

Bailey was all about swimming too!

Even in the ocean, she wanted to jump over the waves!

For some reason, the post about Bailey's party is in front of the posts with their 3 yr and 10 mo photo shoots. So you'll have to go past her party post to find those. But they're there for your enjoyment!

Photo shoot

Tired and obviously over it at this point!