Monday, June 30, 2008

Lazy day...

The title says it all. We have been very lazy today. Bailey and I played some this morning and then took a long afternoon nap. Monday is my cleaning day so I did clean the house. That makes up for the laziness. We've been in our pj's alllllllllll day. I literally took Bailey's dirty pj's off, gave her a bath, and put new pj's on. Mother of the year right here! Well no pictures, b/c us being lazy in our pj's is not worth capturing. Trust me.

Tomorrow is my 1st OB appt! I'm very excited about it, especially b/c I get to see my awesome Dr. He is taking me even though he doesn't accept the kind of insurance I am going to have. Him doing this has really taken away a lot of my stress. Anyway, I'll post about how the Dr. appt goes!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lots of play

We have been hanging out at home and playing non-stop. Bailey got this dollhouse from Nana the other day. Allie and I used to have one just like this, so it's fun that she has the same one now. All the little people are actually the ones from my and Allie's house. Bailey loves to play with it. Her favorite thing to do is bring me the swing and the baby doll so I can "fix it".

She thought it would be fun for the people to sit on the roof. After she got them up there, she let them slide down the side of the roof.

Today's Tuesday so I watched my little girls today. Bailey is really starting to like having them here. The fighting is decreasing! Their favorite thing to do is chase each other around the loop from the kitchen to the living room. They'll trick each other and go the opposite way. Sometimes, I can't take the noise, but they're so happy I can't stop them. Today I took them out to play in the pool. It was a nice, comfortable morning. Perfect for splashing around in the pool. I got a few cute pictures before my camera died.


Bailey and Olivia splashing

Olivia cheesin'

Oh! She went to bed ok in her big girl bed last night. She woke up about 4 times before I went to bed, but went back to sleep easily. Sometime during the night she woke up and played with Daddy...So we're gonna see how tonight goes!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Movin' on up!

Bailey has gotten her very own toddler bed! She's been having issues with not wanting to be in her crib, so we decided to move her out of it quicker than we planned. I origionally wanted to put her in a "big girl" twin daybed when she moved to her "big girl" room, but we're going to try this for a while, then move up again. She hasn't seen it yet. I had some issues putting it together (just not using my brain), so it wasn't ready until after she was already asleep tonight. We'll try it tomorrow and see how it goes. I'll keep ya posted!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

IT'S A.........


We had an ultrasound done on Saturday and didn't plan on finding out the sex. While we were looking, I saw what it was, so we decided to go ahead and make sure. We are extremely thrilled!!! And this means that for the next baby, we really can have a surprise baby and be completely prepared either way. So.. Mr. Austin Grant Todd will be here in December!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still here

Sorry for such a long distance between posts. We're still here! We had VBS all last week, which wore both of us out. There were 2 days where we stayed in bed all day. On top of that I have not been feeling well. I'm either nauseous or have the neverending headache. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have both. I've also been resting to keep my blood pressure down. It has been starting to go up when I'm up and doing stuff. Just like it did with Bailey, only I was 30 weeks with her. I'm only 14 weeks now. So I've been relaxing and doing as little as possible for the past few days.

The baby has been moving a lot! He/she goes all over the place! We went and heard the heartbeat last week, which is good. Now we're hoping to have an ultrasound soon.

Bailey has been doing really good. No sickness/fever/diaper rash, which is awesome! We're just dealing with saying goodbye to the ba-ba. She liked her ba-ba, but didn't become attached until about a month or so ago when she had those really high fevers. We used her ba-ba to keep fluids in her. So the past few weeks she's been crying for her ba-ba all the time. Sometimes just 30 minutes after she's had one. I think I've figured out the way to get rid of it, while still keeping her happy. This is day 3 and she's at Nana's today, so we'll see how she does. She has been talking a lot more and developing more of her personality. She is now saying "thank you", "help please" and "bless you" all the time now.

Well we had a good Father's day. We went to church, ate at O'Charley's, and relaxed. Daddy got a new outfit and some coloring from Bailey.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun in the sun!

Bailey and I have been getting out in her "activity pool" since it's so hot out. She loves it! She is really becoming a little water baby.

Bailey's best bud really is her paci (formally known as pabi). She made sure that paci had tons of fun too. She splashed him in the water in different areas of the pool to make sure that he enjoyed the whole experience.

Then she would let paci go down the slide. It's kind of hard to see him b/c he's yellow too.

Then she would climb over (I caught her mid fall) and go get paci, then climb back and put him down the slide again. She really did have a blast!

Friday, June 6, 2008

3 years! (yesterday)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let the cravings begin!

Cravings are a normal part of pregnancy, but I hate them. Mine are soooo strong I can hardly get through them without fulfilling my craving. Example: Bailey was napping yesterday and I was resting on the couch watching Full House. One of the girls had a PB and J sandwich. Well my tummy decided that sounded good. I wasn't really hungry so I tried to ignore it and go to sleep. Nope! I was not happy until I got up and made a PB and J. Then I could relax and go to sleep.

With Bailey my major cravings were big, juicy double cheeseburgers and doughnuts. Luckily I'm not working at the hospital on Fridays anymore when these were readily available to me. I have had a slight craving for doughnuts, but not really. My double cheeseburger cravings came the other day. I REALLY REALLY wanted one. Luckily the $.99 one at Wendy's is small. I just don't understand my cheeseburger craving. If you know me at all, you know that square "sandwich" cheese grosses me out to no end. I won't even open it. UGH! I wouldn't be able to fix myself a cheeseburger no matter how bad the craving got. Now if it's already prepared for me, that's another story. So my solution to not gain 50 lbs this pregnancy is to only eat a double cheeseburger once every few weeks (if that) and that's ONLY if I'm craving it.

Monday, June 2, 2008

At this moment...

My baby girl is sleeping with her two favorite babies. Nap time for Mommy!